Announcing Changes at LVL

Today, we are announcing two major changes to LVL.

First, we’ve launched a new website! Our website presents our vision for the future of money: a crypto wallet, checking account, and zero-fee exchange combined in one frictionless experience. And a debit card to spend freely. In the coming months, we will present more information on the release timing of these features. To get involved, use a referral link to sign up for our Beta.

Second, the LVL Advisory Board (LAB) is being phased out. The LAB has been invaluable to the success of LVL thus far, and contributed richly to the development of LVL’s product. As we grow, our corporate and regulatory requirements would require advisory board members to disclose their identities on our website. While we KYC all customers and customer privacy is important to us, we value corporate transparency, and this is not a choice we wished to force upon the LAB. Furthermore, we plan to reinvest financial resources from the LAB to a professional advisory board more consistent with our stage of development.

We look forward to making several announcements about the team, product, and roadmap in the coming months. We are deeply grateful to the LAB for getting us to where we are today and hope this evolution helps us bring exciting product features to market more quickly and transparently than ever before.

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